Passenger Of Structures - La pasajera de las estructuras

• Performance, 2018
• Metal structure
• The passenger of structure is a an endurance performance, examining the notion of transformation of spaces and metamorphosis in the process of thirty days as part of a residency at Casa Lu in Mexico City.
During this process the artist moves herself through two geometric structures as extensions to her body. As she crawls in between the spaces created from leaning the two solid geometrical forms to each other, she shifts the pieces and constantly changes the space surrounding her. Ultimately the goal was to travel within the garden keeping the structures as her shifting home. Towards the end of the performance there is a set abstract language built between the artist and the way the structures lean to each other for her to travel within the ever-changing spaces.

Side note: The best way to see this piece is to select one image and use the right and left arrow to navigate between the images.