House of Strength II [collaboration]

• Interdisciplinary Performance, 2014
• House of Strength is a performance inspired by the traditional Persian gymnasiums called Zoorkhaneh (House of Strength) where male participants practice physical training, as well as virtues of humbleness, forgiveness, brotherhood, and generosity. Women have traditionally been strictly forbidden from entering these gyms where male semi-nude performances are led by a singer who chants sacred poetry and plays drums and bells. Women are occasionally allowed to enter the arena and sit as members of audience. The first iteration of this piece was performed by only women artists and the second one was executed by both male and female performers from different ethnic backgrounds. In this piece the artists redefine and practice strength by performing a contemporary rendition of these traditional rituals. The performance entails choreographed body movements with props and music.

• Artists: 
Dancers: Jessica Israel, Catherine Murcek, Scott Sublett-Olsen, Abby Price, Princeton Spicer
Choreographer: Autumn Kioti
Sound Artist: Negar Behbahani
Production Manager: Amirmohsen Shahheidari
Conceived and directed by Nooshin Rostami
Photographer: Adham Riazi


House Of Strength I (Zoorkhaneh- زورخانه) [collaboration]

• Artists:
Dancers: Amanda Hameline, Mersiha Mesihovic, Anahita Mogahaddam, Abby Price, Natalie Pulido
Choreographer: Mersiha Mesihovic
Sound Artist: Negar Behbahani
Production Assistant: Amirmohsen Shahheidari
Conceived and directed by Nooshin Rostami