For Every Page That Unfolds

• Performance/Installation, 2017
• “For Every Page That Unfolds” is a modular sculpture made of L-shaped wooden, reflective platforms and metal structures. The platforms stand flat at a 90-degree angle when placed on the metal structures, which act as a bearing strong enough to support the artist’s body. There are magnets attached on each folded metal piece and the entire sculpture sits on a plane of iron sand.
During the performance, the artist stands on top of the flat platform and turn each of the structures from inside to outside securing them in a position that can hold her weight. Each module can only be well balanced at a certain bearing based on the unique fold of each metal piece. The goal is to construct an elevated and steady platform, using all the modules, to bridge over the iron sand. Throughout the process, relocating each piece continuously shifts the plane beneath it. The beginning and final arrangement of the sculpture was specific to the space of the gallery.


The drawing of the performance process: