Every Piece In An iphone 

• 2013
• Kinetic Sculpture, Mix Media
• In 2013 I was invited to participate in the exhibition Encyclonospace Iranica curated by Mohammad Salemy, conceived mainly around the idea of Human versus Machines. Inspired by my personal experience of working at an Apple Store, having closely witnessed the relationship people establish with their devices to an extant that it becomes as familiar as a body part, I deconstructed my own iPhone and built a new mechanical system including every single piece. The construction of the mobile sculpture functioned as a literal transformation of the abstracted parts of a mechanical object back into an open machine, albeit a different kind. Moreover the work’s interplay with direct lighting creates infinite shadow possibilities, opening up the mobile to the relationship it produces between the flat image of the movement of a multidimensional object in a threedimensional space. It generates an organic live cinema in which it is impossible to separate the real from its representation.


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