Corner of my room

• Site-specific installation, 2018
• reflective material, see-through mirrors, light, audio track
• Corner of my room and the alleyway to the prison’s garden is an allegory of family dynamics in diaspora and how this distance changes relationships to either everyone together in a room or far away in a non-reachable landscape. This piece is based on an interview the artist conducted with her parents in which she showed them a video displaying a series of spacial landscapes of light and shadow made from plains of reflective film where light shifts over folded steel sculpture. By employing surface, space, light, voids, and shadows, Rostami builds an impossible architecture, and landscapes where she seeks to create a sense of displacement. Corner of my room was a site-specific installation located at the corner of a building on West 10th Window curated by Art In Buildings. In this piece the artist built an infinite room rooted in her mother's recollections of memories where the light is materialized into fluid forms that emulate waves of an ocean. An audio component plays fragments from the interview in the street as pedestrians pass by it.

Participatory Performance:

Through an invitation on social media, a number of people were invited to visit the corner for a personal viewing of 7 minutes on one specific night. Participants were asked to bring their own sources of light. The static light of the installation was off for that night. After finding the corner each person activated the room and interacted with the space individually, while listening to the audio track.


In summer 2018, Rostami conducted interviews with both her parents by asking them open-ended questions of what they see as they watched a video piece depicting spaces made of reflective materials, light and shadow. The audio at “ Corner of my room” is fragments of her mother’s responses to this videos.

Audio transcription:

I only like the light in it, I don’t like the rest of it

It’s showing the shadows

it wants to make something visible, but if it talks to me with darkness, I have no business with it.

I only will see the light in it

I am inside of an airplane, I look down and I see the clouds 

It's a frame to the future

makes one feel that the future is obscure

no one know what will happen, but it’s bright. 

It’s a triangle

it’s white and it has a curl,

this other triangle on the other side could be the past.

it could be corner of a room

It is night,

there’s a bed,

and there’s a woman rolling in bed.

Or perhaps it is the sea. But even if it’s the sea, still there’s a person rolling in it.  

That time when I boarded on a ship that wasn’t yet traveling. The captan let us in to see inside of the ship. I was looking at the sea behind the window inside the ship.

It is this light that wants to draw the sea from afar,

but it just all might be inside of a room.


That time we were walking in the sea, and we weren’t swimming. All of a sudden, we felt that there’s nothing under our feet.

I wasn’t scared in the beginning and thought I can swim to pass it. 

I struggled for a while and come out of the water to take breaths a few times, then I realized I am only getting farther rather than closer. I couldn’t see anyone no longer.

That’s when I felt the fear,

I thought it is the end of the line.

It was only after we managed to get out that I started expressing emotions.

I laughed hysterically. A laugh that I could not stop. 

It is so small

It reminds me of all the words that has been said to me and bothered me in the past, but I can’t tell what it is.

the things that one can’t either tell what they are, or forget them completely.

when I remember them it hurts. 

I can’t tell what this is but I’ll try to see it as something bright and good. 

When it gets repeated. It makes me anxious.

I can’t tell what this is. I am sure it’s inside of a room.

It’s like when you try to find an excuse for all the things that has disturbed you to get rid of them, and to make things transparent. 

It is in a very small place, Maybe inside someone’s head?!

Slowly a dark shadow comes and takes over
Sometimes it gets darker. In the beginning it’s confusing and upsetting. But slowly, and slowly it starts illuminating and it opens up. This is like a knot, one knot after another one.

It is a room, with a few poles. I don’t know where this room is.