A Space That Is No Place

• Performance/Installation, 2017
• Performed by the participating members of the audience
•  A Space That is No Place is a reenactment of a performance piece called Geometry of Exile, previously executed as a solo performance at Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn. Geometry of Exile is an embodiment of the artist’s journey as an immigrant exploring exile. In this iteration of the piece, the audience is encouraged to create their own narrative by activating eight plywood triangular sculptures into different arrangements of mountains, waves, and borders from one end of the room to another. The pieces are only allowed to move by being rolled on their sides, and can not overlap or stack on top of each other, creating a constantly changing puzzle of voids and shadows. Because one side is reflective and one side is black, this landscape of negative spaces shifts and unsettles constantly. The audience’s movements are constrained by being allowed to only walk and stand on the surface of the triangles.